How ready is your business for the social age?
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Here Jon Ferrara, Ted Coine and I discuss the role of networked employees and their value to social businesses in today’s social age. We talk about how to create the right cultural environment in an organization and how leaders can become social leaders to attract today’s top talent, engage their workforce and inspire their customers and partners.


it’s about a shift to Me-as-a-Service


Connected employees

How businesses can leverage connected employees to grow

It starts with culture.

It’s about a mindset of helping and serving.

It’s about enterprise networks that connect collective knowledge and experience.

It’s about building 360° networks to bring the “best” solutions in the collective organization to clients and partners.


recent study shows 85% of employees would prefer to work for a social CEO — [a Blue Unicorn]


Social Leaders

People want to work with leaders that are open, transparent and engaged.

We are shifting from an environment of command and control, to connected and collaborating – this is about how people work – a new way to work.

A social workforce is a workforce that’s engaged by interaction and inspired by purpose.

It’s about tapping into this collective social capital to drive new innovation and new value.



What it all means

This discuss will help you understand what all this means and what it looks like in business today.  This is important for today’s workforce and for today’s social, connected and empowered customers in the marketplace.


this is about a future-of-work… that’s already here


Listen in 

We share case studies as examples and tell stories of how others are succeeding with this approach. Hope you find this helpful.


The audio starts off a little garbled but repairs at about 20 minutes. 


 Go Deeper

 I see more in depth stories and case studies of businesses doing this right, I would encourage you to check out A World Gone Social, by Ted Coine and Mark Babbitt. 

To manage your most important relationships in social, I would encourage you to try Nimble

For lots of additional resources on social leadership and social business, head on over to



Social Selling Hour (#SSHour) #29 

with Brian Fanzo (@iSocialFanz) and Rachel Miller  (@RachellouMiller)

Simulchat in Twitter and live Google Hangout On Air



SSHour - 360


You are as smart as your network

What is a smart network?

Why is this important?

How can sales professionals use smart networks to deliver greater value?

How do you build a smart network?

In this live video discussion with Brian Fanzo, Rachel Miller and the great #SSHour (now #SBizHour) community, we dive into these questions to try to provide valuable insights and practical actionable tips.


What it’s about

This is about tapping into the collective knowledge of a network.

It’s about the finding the best answer or solution from network to better solve business challenges or serve customers and partners

Today, knowledge is readily accessible, through Google, and through networks of subject matter experts – people with deep experience and expertise in specific areas. In this discussion, we talk about a shift from what you know, to who you know and what you know about them. The perspective here, is that we just can’t know it all… but networks of people can… so this approach is about a shift from knowledge to connection, from having knowledge to connecting knowledge.

Brian, Rachel and the community had many great questions. The intent here is to share insights and actionable tips so that you can build and tap into a smart network to bring new value to the work you are leading.


Watch the replay



I recently had the honor or sitting in the hot seat in the weekly Twitter #MediaChat, hosted by Aaron Kilby (@kilby76), held every Thurs at 10pm ET, featuring guests on social and online media.



In this chat, we discussed how to help leaders engage in social and the future of communications at work (#NewWayToWork), diving into the new IBM Verse, a complete re-imagination of email (+social + analytics + cloud +mobile +enterprise social collaboration + calendar + tasks).


We started off around discussing why it’s so important that leaders, particularly executive leaders, engage in digital; we then transitioned to tips and recommendations; and then transitioned into answering questions about IBM’s focus on a re-imagination of communications in today’s mobile, connected, social workplace.


The community was incredibly lively, with about 2,000 tweets, so it’s not feasible to capture the entire replay here….


I pulled out the questions and my responses below. The community had lots of fantastic inputs, tips and comments – you can see the full replay at (click on the “Transcript’) tab.


I really want to thank Aaron for inviting me on and I want to thank the community for such incredibly smart inputs and contributions. I would encourage you to look through the full replay to see everyone’s shares.



Q1: Why should leaders, particularly executive leaders, engage in social? Continue Reading…

Event Connect App

A What You Need To Know Special
The IBM InterConnect Event Connect App

The AskJim Podcast
Providing answers to user questions about IBM Connections

With IBM InterConnect 2015 coming up, now is the time to begin planning your agenda, your networking and your participation with intention. To make this event count for you… you need to be smart about it and you need a smart tool that can really help you zero in on the right sessions and connect with the right people.

As with all events, purposeful pre-planning pays dividends in ensuring you get the most out of your time and get the most value from the event for your business goals.

So, for this special “what you need to know” episode, I wanted to focus exclusively on the IBM Event Connect App.

Headphones  36In this episode (featuring an inside interview with the product team), we cover: Continue Reading…

#SBizHour #6 — Enterprise Collaboration

 A weekly live Google Hangout and Twitter Chat with thought leaders in social business. 

I recently had the pleasure of returning to the Social Business Hour for a second time to talk about one of my favorite topics – Enterprise Collaboration. Brian Fanzo and Rachel Miller, hosted a nice discussion, along with Tom Skotidas, diving into activating employees, clients and partners as brand advocates; sparking a startup mentality; and reshaping organizational culture to thrive in today’s connected economy. I had a great time… I wish we had more than an hour ;).

Hope you find the discussion, stories, shared experiences and debate helpful.



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