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I recently had the pleasure of participating as featured guest in the weekly #ESNchat, a twitter chat focused on Enterprise Social Collaboration, hosted by Jeff Ross. The discussion was lively, with lots of excellent contributions from around the ‘room’, providing different perspectives on the topic of “The Connected Enterprise.”

Discussion questions 

What’s the value of a “connected enterprise”?
How does a “connected enterprise” help an organization bring value to customers and partners?
How is a “connected enterprise” better able to thrive in today’s digital marketplace?
What’s the relationship between a “connected enterprise” and change management?
How can we leverage a “connected enterprise” to drive more innovation?
What are the biggest challenges for an organization in becoming a “connected enterprise”?

Some key takeaways

In a connected enterprise, everyone can be a change sponsor. Not just a top down approach

We are seeing innovation cycle radically compress, as connected groups self correct to inputs

Crowsourcing innovation from process improvement to major disruptive business ideas #powerofyourworkforce

The process of change management becomes a self-running continuous process of improvement

Change management in a Connected Enterprise becomes a dialog and a learning exchange

Companies that leverage social technologies position themselves to attract and retain top talent with emerging workforce

Connected workers are more aware of how their actions/contributions affect others, and learn more from others’ experience

Value of connected enterprise: better information = better decisions and everyone call all play to their strengths

Connected knowledge enables an enterprise to bring the best answers & solutions from the organization, to clients

A better question might be “what’s the danger of having a disconnected enterprise?”


You can see the full recap below.  

I recently came across a video created by Dave Coplin, on his site, RSA Animate, on the topic of Re-Imagining Work. The video shows a time-lapse evolution of an illustration depicting truth and honestly that arcs through how we work today.

I talk a lot about the mobile and connected enterprise, coaching people and organizations on how to shift to working in a new mobile social economy. I think Dave’s work is compelling and quite interesting, and wanted to share it here in hopes that it may shed light on a new way of looking at the transformations happening underfoot and how leadership might begin to rethink, how we think and approach work.


Light bulb Some of the key takeaways for me:

  • Getting people more engaged and more productive at work
  • It’s about “friction free” sharing and collaborating
  • Organizations are not more productive because of processes, organizations are more productive because of people innovating, creating, collaborating together 
  • Today, mobile and social platforms remove barriers to connecting and collaborating
  • Work no longer has to be about where you sit
  • Work is no longer a destination, today, mobile and social enable you to contribute and do your knowledge work from anywhere, at any time
  • It’s about choosing the location where you want to be and where you are most creative, innovative, productive
  • It’s about being mindful of the tasks in front of you and the best place to get that done
  • Are today’s office spaces really fit for purpose?
  • Empower your employees to choose: the best place for them to work, with the best tools for the job
  • The right infrastructure, culture and processes make this possible


Camera icon  Enjoy Dave’s video (PS: I wish I could draw like this).



Social is changing the marketplace in ways we have never before seen, at rates we have never before experienced. Digital engagement is creating new opportunities for businesses to engage customers and invigorate a connected workforce. The energy is palpable, the potential for positive impact through human-to-human connection, heartening.

Social collaboration is enabling organizations to re-invigorate and activate a connected workforce.

With so much discussion around Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, SaaS and the like, I would like to highlight what I think is really shaping change in the 21st century – social business (you might think of this as digital engagement). Business is about human-to-human connection and collaboration, with people at the center. Innovation is about people working and engaging with people. Connected knowledge, made possible through social business, is the engine of cloud, mobile, analytics, saas…

In the 20th century, notable innovations came from individuals, working in comparable isolation. In the 21st century, connected individuals collaboratively iterating in crowdsourced teams, are creating innovations at rates unseen in history; and it’s accelerating.

Connected people using Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, SaaS platforms and environments is, I believe, the path to solutions to drive better business, address our most challenging world problems, and build a Smarter Planet.

The more we connect and collaborate through social/digital, the smarter we collectively become.


What we have learned from >20,000 client engagements

From over 20,000 client engagement around the world, we have gained tremendous new and unique insight into what is driving this change – the key patterns, the key points of entry for businesses and organizations, the key paths to success. To introduce more people to our Point of View around Social Business, I wanted to share a consolidated concise guide on how IBM sees Social Business, highlighting six key entry points where organizations might get started.

For deeper inside insight, I recently interviewed Cynthya Peranandam, Social Business Strategy Manager for IBM’s Social Business Category, for her inside perspectives of our Social Business strategy, summarized in our Point of View.


What next?

Learn more about IBM Social Business solutions, see how other organizations are using digital engagement platforms, informed by analytics, on the cloud, in mobile, made safe through IBM’s exercise in security. Put people at the center of your organization… and just watch what happens.

6 key resources

With Smarter Commerce Global Summit just a couple weeks away, now is the time to begin planning your agenda with intention. The event will be jam packed with many sessions running in parallel tracks. My experience is that purposeful pre-planning pays dividends in ensuring you optimize your time.


Tip – Pre-Plan and Pre-book your meetings. Don’t expect to show up and just wing it. 


Session Preview Tool
There will be 10 tracks with 180 sessions. Within these session streams there will be industry focused sessions. To help you review, assess and flag sessions you want to attend, you can leverage this online Session Preview Tool, where you can filter by:

  • Track Category
  • Industry
  • Topics
  • Process
  • Product

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Conference Guide pdf
To get the full Smarter Commerce Global Summit Agenda in your pocket Continue Reading…

Start to expect the unexpected.

Made with IBM, today expands to a whole new level with the very exciting announcement of the IBM Cloud Marketplace. The new digital front door for IBM – this is a reimagination of how IBM operates, engages the marketplace and delivers value to our clients.

The Cloud Marketplace is for business leaders and application developers alike, and is available on PC browsers, tablets and smartphones, take your pick from wherever you are. This enterprise cloud marketplace includes IBM-as-a-Service offerings and hundreds of cloud offerings from across our partner ecosystem.

Cloud marketplace infographic

The unexpected. As a  Continue Reading…