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With Smarter Commerce Global Summit just a couple weeks away, now is the time to begin planning your agenda with intention. The event will be jam packed with many sessions running in parallel tracks. My experience is that purposeful pre-planning pays dividends in ensuring you optimize your time.


Tip – Pre-Plan and Pre-book your meetings. Don’t expect to show up and just wing it. 


Session Preview Tool
There will be 10 tracks with 180 sessions. Within these session streams there will be industry focused sessions. To help you review, assess and flag sessions you want to attend, you can leverage this online Session Preview Tool, where you can filter by:

  • Track Category
  • Industry
  • Topics
  • Process
  • Product

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Conference Guide pdf
To get the full Smarter Commerce Global Summit Agenda in your pocket Continue Reading…

Start to expect the unexpected.

Made with IBM, today expands to a whole new level with the very exciting announcement of the IBM Cloud Marketplace. The new digital front door for IBM – this is a reimagination of how IBM operates, engages the marketplace and delivers value to our clients.

The Cloud Marketplace is for business leaders and application developers alike, and is available on PC browsers, tablets and smartphones, take your pick from wherever you are. This enterprise cloud marketplace includes IBM-as-a-Service offerings and hundreds of cloud offerings from across our partner ecosystem.

Cloud marketplace infographic

The unexpected. As a  Continue Reading…

On the water’s edge in San Diego Ca, over 2,000 social business thought leaders and practitioners recently gathered for two days, at the Social Media Marketing World conference.

Getting off the plane, I enjoyed my first @Uber – a driving social mobile cloud data business – pure awesomeness of user experience. I knew right then, this event was going to provide valuable insights… and I decided right then, I’ve had last ride in a taxi.

Key trends in social reshaping business

Across industries, from enterprise to emerging startups, from hi-tech to pool installation, social business is reshaping today’s economy and completely changing how businesses and customers engage. Completely changing.

The event left an impression on me. A transformation is underway and gaining momentum. In 2013, the event had 300 attendees, in 2014, the event sold out at 2,000. This was a social event, not just by topic, but in the experience… how the agenda was structured, how people connected before the event, how people collaboratively and openly discussed their business experiences, how people gained from the collective insights. Hands down, most valuable event I have ever experienced.

With >5,000 words of notes, an iPhone full of chart images and an inbox full of LinkedIn connections, I left with some key takeaways to summarize here . Continue Reading…

Today, IBM announced the next phase of a Smarter Planet, Made with IBM.

In 2008, IBM shared a vision called Smarter Planet. I was so captured by this point of view, the possibilities and the positive impact, that I literally stopped what I was doing and changed roles. I wanted to be on the front lines… I wanted to put both feet in the boat.

My Story
I took on a role leading IBM’s Global Partner Ecosystem Industry Marketing strategy team. Today, I am even more committed and excited about this next phase in the progression of a vision around a Smarter Planet. Today, I am focused around one of IBM’s three main pillars to the IBM Strategy, Systems of Engagement, Made with IBM.

Whats the world making today

Made with IBM
I will be sharing several segments here around IBM’s current strategy, led by IBM’s Ginni Rometty and her outstanding leadership team. I’d like to start by first sharing the announcement, from Jon Iwata himself, in his own words. Honestly, I simply can’t re-interpret and articulate this half as well as Jon, so I will share with you a Continue Reading…

I recently had the privilege and genuine pleasure of attending the SMMW 2014 Social Media Marketing World Conference, in San Diego, Ca.

Coming off the plane to a beautiful sunny day, I enjoyed my first @Uber experience (never taking a taxi again) and walked into registration. I really had no idea what to expect or what I was in for..

Coming away from SMMW, here are 10 reasons why this was one of the BEST conference experiences I have ever had over a 20 year career, and why I would recommend this event for others. (These are not in any particular order….)

SMMW sunset


1. Location – San Diego: the weather, hotel and waterfront location was fantastic. Wherever you may be coming from, this was just a pleasant environment in every way. Yes, it was NOT Las Vegas…. so happy.

2. Speakers - The team was very purposeful in pulling together an amazing lineup of industry leading experts. Many of the speakers have been a source of great inspiration and knowledge for me. I walked away from every session with invaluable new insights and actionable takeaways.

3. The Midway - The opening night reception on the Midway aircraft carrier is THE most memorable reception I have ever experienced. Wow. What a great environment and experience. Continue Reading…