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Welcome to my personal blog. How can I help you?

I’m a Global Strategy and Digital Experience Leader with IBM. I’m the Founder of the Executive Social Academy, a #SocialLeader and digital strategy advisor and podcaster. I volunteer my time to support my kid’s interests and share my expertise to help local organizations expand community engagement with web and social.

Professionally: I’m passionate about digital marketing, networks of people and partner ecosystems. I like to launch new things, lead digital, work agile, build communities, guide decisions with data, shape customer experience, mentor and learn. Drawn to mission and purpose. Intrapreneur. Big on values and the why. Looking to make a big impact on things that matter.

Personally: I am a lucky husband and father. My kids keep me pretty busy. We like to spend out time together outside. Active athlete: I like to ski, swim, run, surf, sail and stand up paddle. Avid reader. Love photography. Have lots of pets. Active supporter of environmental causes. Volunteer. As you can see in the photos, we like the beach and the mountains.

My goal here is to share perspectives on digital, books I’m reading and providing helpful information for readers.

I’m passionate about the IBM partner ecosystem I serve and often share tips and suggestions on teaming with IBM.

For actionable tips and insights on leading in the digital age, I would encourage you to check out executivesocialacademy.com.

Always looking to connect with interesting people!
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