CMO Series: What is Context Marketing & Why You Can’t Ignore It

Post 1 – CMO Series: Leading Digital Transformation, A Jump-Start to Context Marketing

This is a series for marketing leaders providing concise insights in understanding digital experience context marketing. My goal is to address many of the common questions we hear from CMOs and marketing leaders across industry, government and non-profit organizations about how to approach, lead and execute digital experience transformation. This series will cover key topics all marketing leaders need to understand in order to make smarter, more informed decisions with their teams, resources and planning. 

The purpose is to help marketing leaders know where it is they need to go, to better understand how to get there quickly, efficiently and with as much impact as possible.

What is Context Marketing?

Context marketing is creating a relevant personalized experience for a buyer/customer in the context of their current and past interactions with your brand.

Context marketing is powered by contextual intelligence, enabling you to share the right content, at the right time, to the right person, to guide and motivate them to the next step in a buying cycle and brand experience journey.

What does this mean? It’s about creating an experience, powered by digital, where the experience takes in where the user is, what device they are interacting from, what content the user is interacting with, what their intentions are, what content they have interacted with in the past, and what are they most likely to need next in their experience with your brand/solutions/services/products/organization. It’s about creating an experience that is generated and tailor-made for an individual, vs a generic offering that is the same for everyone, whether it fits or not.

What does it feel like? It’s about creating a feeling for a buyer/customer of, “wow, you understand me, you get me, you know what I need before I do, I love you for it, and I will stick by your side no matter what because you give me value.”

Think about it this way – experience builds trust; trust builds relationships; relationships lead to retention; retention creates ongoing repeat business; loyalty fuels advocacy and recommendations.

Context Marketing is the engine that powers positive business feedback loops.


Why is this important?

Customers have new expectations. Customers are in control. Information is available to customers, at any time, from any place. Competitive alternatives are just a tap and swipe away. Loyalty is earned; attrition comes from complacence.


All the major CMO Studies show investment in digital as #1 priority.


If your competitors are investing… are you keeping pace or working smarter? The tap of a finger is all it takes for a potential buyer or customer to leave and find another experience that’s better than yours.

We work with hundreds of organizations and one of the first things we do is look at their digital analytics. Bounce rates and low conversion rates tend to stand out. Generally, we see organizations with static websites with unintegrated digital experience interactions that show increasing abandonment and declining conversion metrics. Not a good trend.

What we see are more mature digital teams extending their lead over competition, and the laggards increasingly falling behind. Today, competitive alternatives are not just about marginally better experiences, but about new totally disruptive models, built from the ground up around intentionally designed digital experiences.



If you want to get a better understanding of your organization’s Context Marketing Maturity and how you stack up against your peers, you can take a free Context Marketing Maturity Assessment here.


I’m a Senior Business Optimization Strategist with Sitecore and really enjoy helping people with digital transformation.

Sitecore is a global leader in customer experience software that enables context marketing. The Sitecore Experience Platform manages content, supplies contextual intelligence, automates communications, and enables personalized commerce at scale so marketers can deliver the personalized interactions that delight audiences, build loyalty and drive revenue. 

If you are interested in learning about Sitecore and how we can help you build context marketing, visit

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