What is Context Marketing and Why You Can’t Ignore it


For marketing leaders and teams, sharing a new digital transformation series to help you with your digital marketing efforts.


The Sitecore Business Optimization Strategy Group
Digital Transformation Series: A Primer For Marketing Teams

This is a series for marketing leaders providing concise insights in understanding digital experience context marketing. The goal is to address many of the common questions we hear from marketers about how to approach, lead and execute digital experience transformation. This series will cover key topics all marketing leaders need to know in order to make smarter, more informed decisions with their teams, resources and planning.

In this episode, we provide insights on context marketing – what it is and why you can’t ignore it.


It’s like an engine that powers a positive business feedback loop


Here, you can expect to gain a better understanding of the following:

• What is Context Marketing
• Why it’s important
• Today’s customer expectations in digital
• Competitive threats
• What have we found with 85% of our clients’ websites
• What does this mean for how your customers’ experience with your brand
• How do you compare in your industry
• How can you find out how your brand’s digital experience stacks up in your industry (from a sampling of >3,000 organizations)



A key takeaway – what drives the impact of Context Marketing?
• Experience builds trust
• Trust builds relationships
• Relationships lead to retention
• Retention creates ongoing repeat business
• Loyalty fuels advocacy and recommendations


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