Tapping into H.I. (smart communities)


Human Powered Connected Intelligence with Ask Jelly

As a big proponent for networks and connected intelligence (you are as smart as your network), I’m really excited about the recently launched Ask Jelly – a human powered intelligence community where you ask a question (anonymously) and people across the community, with expertise in that particular area, provide a helpful, thoughtful answer.

H.I = experience, perspectives, expertise, wisdom

In contrast to the many emerging A.I. Systems, Ask Jelly is powered by people. It’s about tapping into the collective knowledge, experience, insights, perspectives, and wisdom of thoughtful people who want to be helpful. The value is not from crunching and analyzing data, but sharing lessons learned, tips and tricks from personal experience – there’s great personal context informing answers to provide real knowledge..

In contract to Google, Ask Jelly is not about finding indexed (general) information that’s posted somewhere on the web, it’s about getting a thoughtful personal answer/response to your (unique) question.

You can ask Siri or Alexa how many miles to the moon, but you can’t ask them when you should travel to Iceland to take pictures of the Northern Lights.


How to ‘Ask Jelly’?

You can use the twitter hastag #askjelly or you can use the Ask Jelly Chrome extension, or you can use the Ask Jelly website.

Go ahead, give it a try…

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